Ahmed Awa Waterfall, tourism in Iraq

Ahmed Awa Waterfall and Byara Hawraman, Tourism in Sulaymaniyah, Iraqi Kurdistan

One of the mountainous areas of the Halabja Governorate in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq, the Ahmed Awa Waterfall is about 75 kilometers to the far east of Sulaymaniyah, in the valley (Zahlam) near the Khurmal district, east of the city of Sulaymaniyah.

Ahmed Awa resort is one of the most beautiful tourist places in the city of Sulaymaniyah. It is located in the middle of a mountain range and is visited by thousands of tourists from different cities of Iraq.

There are cafes and restaurants near the waterfalls that serve delicious food.

Byara Hawraman

It is about 80 km southeast of Sulaymaniyah.

The Byara Horaman region attracts tourists due to its charming nature, where mountains, walnut trees and wonderful springs of water.

You can visit the Iraqi-Iranian border, which is a small creek, where you can roam freely

You can also buy beautiful souvenirs, as Hauraman Bay contains a market where distinctive Kurdish clothes and handicrafts are sold.

The city includes the Khanqah School, which is the oldest school of Sufism in Sulaymaniyah, which was founded in 1889.

How to get to (Paira Horaman) from Sulaymaniyah

By private taxi

There are tour companies inside Sulaymaniyah that organize trips to Hauraman Bay and Ahmed Oh resort
The cost of the trip is about 10 USD.

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