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Akre (Aqrah)

One of the most important tourist areas in the city of Dohuk. The city of Aqrah is 110 km from Erbil and 100 km north of Dohuk. It is located on a mountain slope between high mountains, and its houses were built on the slopes of the mountains, which gave the city of Aqrah stunning views. When you enter the city of Aqrah, you will find in front of you the old mosque of Aqrah and its historical minaret. Its construction dates back to the year 640 AD, and it is one of the oldest mosques in Iraq in general.

Aqrah Castle: One of the most important historical landmarks of the city. It is located on a high mountain 54 meters above ground level. The castle includes many rooms that were used for defensive purposes. The celebrations of Nowruz (Kurdish and Persian New Year’s Day) are held in Aqrah Castle, which falls on March 20 of each year. Where thousands of locals and tourists gather to celebrate this joyful day. A group of young men and women carry torches and climb to the highest point in the mountain.

Attractions near Aqrah

. Keli Zinta Waterfall: It is about 12 km from the center of Aqrah. It is surrounded by high mountains from all sides, and many tourist facilities such as hotels, restaurants and casinos are available nearby.

. Siba Waterfall: It is only 1 km from the center of Aqrah. It is considered one of the charming resorts. It is twenty meters high and surrounded by trees and plants. There are shops selling local products such as vinegar, dried figs and many delicious products near the resort. You can take memorial photos, especially in front of the waterfalls, and record a video of the waterfalls flowing.

How to get to Aqrah from Erbil

From Garage Erbil By a shared taxi from Erbil (10,000) Iraqi dinars. How to get to Aqrah from Shaqlawa Resort By shared taxi (5000) Iraqi dinars

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