Al-Madrasah Al-Mustansiriya

Al-Madrasah Al-Mustansiriya

Al-Madrasah Al-Mustansiriya is located in the heart of Baghdad, overlooking the banks of the Tigris River, near Al-Mutanabbi Street. The area of ​​Al-Mustansiriya School is about 4836 square meters.

Al-Mustansiriya is an ancient school founded during the Abbasid era in Baghdad in 1223 AD. At the hands of Caliph Al-Mustansir Billah, it was an important scientific and cultural center. Al-Mustansiriya Madrasa was built of yellow bricks. The design of the school is approximately rectangular, with a length of 104.8 meters and a width of 44.2 meters. The school consists of two floors and contains one hundred teaching rooms.

The rooms and the walls are decorated with beautiful carvings with an Arabic and Islamic character. In the middle of the school is a large courtyard with an area of ​​1710 square meters. In addition to the mosque on the south side, and on the left side a library.

In the past, Al-Mustansiriya School contained a large fountain and a beautiful clock to know prayer times, which is evidence of the progress of science among Arabs and Muslims at that time.

25 thousand dinars for foreigners

3000 Iraqi dinars for citizens.

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