AL-Nakhila musque

One of the most important religious and tourist places in the city of Babylon, The tomb of Zulkifli houses many monuments and shrines, and combines Judaism and Islam. Here is the tomb of the Prophet Dhul-Kifl or (Ezekiel) one of the prophets of the Children of Israel, the mosque of Imam Ali bin Abi Talib, in addition to the tombs of the companions of Dhul-Kifl (Joshua). , Baruch, John Al-Damlaji, Khoun, Yusef Al-Rabban).

The area of ​​the mausoleum is 5000 square metres, and above the tomb of the Prophet Dhul-Kifl is a conical dome of the Seljuk style. The venue has a spacious patio with beautifully decorated rooms.

Ancient decorations and drawings painted on the wall of the shrine. Some of these decorations are made of glass pieces with various geometric shapes, as well as ancient phrases written in Hebrew.

In addition to the tomb of the Prophet Dhul-Kifl, there is the Al-Nakhila Mosque and its minaret, which are still standing. The minaret bears wonderful Islamic inscriptions. Inside the mosque there is a mihrab in the place where Imam Ali prayed. And do not forget to visit the Daniel market located near the shrine and the mosque, which is the most famous Jewish market in the Al-Kifl neighborhood, which still bears the name of its Jewish owner who died in the twenties of the last century. the last century

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