Al-Sahla Mosque

Al-Sahla Mosque

Al-Sahla Mosque is located in the city of Kufa in the province of Najaf. Al-Sahla Mosque was built in the seventh century AD.

It is one of the most important Islamic mosques and comes after Al-Masjid Al-Haram and the Prophet’s Mosque, followed by Al-Kufa Mosque, then Al-Sahla Mosque.

Al-Sahla Mosque is one of the most beautiful mosques in Iraq.
The entrance to the mosque is a wide door decorated with inscriptions and Quranic verses. The mosque is rectangular in shape, approximately 140 m in length and 135 m in width.

The walls of the mosque are about 7 m high, and each of its four sides is supported by semi-circular towers from the outside.
The minaret of the mosque is 30 m high. This minaret was built in 1967.

How to get to Al-Sahla Mosque from Kufa
By private taxi 3000 Iraqi dinars.

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