Amedi, Dohuk, iraq

Amedi, Dohuk, Kurdistan iraq

Amadiyah is one of the strangest areas in Iraqi Kurdistan, 70 km north of Dohuk, and its altitude is 1400 m above sea level. Amadiyah is 10 km away from the Iraqi-Turkish border.

Built 5000 years ago, on top of a mountain and overlooking beautiful valleys, the city includes 1,000 houses and it cannot expand more than that. An unchanging architectural style. It also includes archaeological sites such as a mosque, a cemetery, a Zoroastrian temple, and a 1600-year-old church.

Solav resort

The Solaf resort is only 5 km from the city of Amadiyah, 90 km from the center of Dohuk, and the name Solaf means (water flow) in the Kurdish language, the Solaf resort is one of the places of charming nature. The resort is located in a beautiful valley in the middle of the mountains, where cafes spread amid the cold water stream, and there are many hotels and restaurants.

How to get to Amadiyah from Dohuk

From the Dohuk garage near the Dohuk market

By shared taxi 10,000 Iraqi dinars Private taxi 25000 Iraqi dinars

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