Barakah Palace in Samarra

Barakah Palace in Samarra

The Abbasid Burka Palace is located in the city of Samarra, about 3.5 km away from the minaret of Al-Malwiya. It was built by the Abbasid Caliph Al-Mutawakkil to be a palace for convalescence and relaxation.

Al-Burka Palace is named after the pool of water in the middle of it. The pool is 62 meters in diameter and two meters deep.

Al Burka Palace is surrounded by a circular inner courtyard whose walls are decorated with distinctive ornaments.

The palace contains 20 halls and bathrooms, and the shape of the palace from the outside is square and includes 4 main entrances and 8 secondary entrances.

The water of the pond was drained by “Kahriz” which starts from the edge of the pond and reaches the Tigris River, which shows us the progress of engineering at that time. It was considered one of the most important palaces of the Abbasid era in the city of Samarra. You can walk around freely to see this magnificent palace and take souvenir photos.

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