Basra Shanasheel

Basra Museum

The Basra Civilization Museum includes more than 2,000 artifacts dating back to the ancient civilizations of Iraq. Such as the Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Assyrian and Islamic civilizations. The museum was opened in 2016. A large number of locals visit the museum to see the collections that range from household items, ornaments, and pottery. It also contains archaeological artifacts dating back to the Hellenistic period around 300 BC. Then the period in which Basra flourished as an important trading port, and the city became famous as a center for science, scholars, poetry and music.

The museum occupies the “Buhaira Palace” overlooking the Shatt al-Arab, one of the four presidential palaces built by dictator Saddam Hussein in the city of Basra, surrounded by extensive gardens, artificial lakes, and guard towers.

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