The Kingdom of Hatra is the oldest Arab kingdom in Mesopotamia, dating back to the third century AD. It is considered one of the most beautiful tourist places in Mosul and Iraq, about 110 km south of Mosul, and 300 km north of Baghdad. The kingdom took the city of Hatra as its capital.

The capital of Hatra was probably founded during the Seleucid period (312 BC to 63 BC). It then developed into a major trading center for caravanserais on the trans-Saharan trade routes through Upper Mesopotamia.

In the city of Hatra, there are a number of temples, such as the Temple of Al-Lat and the Temple of the Sun: it is the largest temple in Hatra, located in the center of the city.

The Temple of the Sun is rectangular in shape surrounded by a wall built of stones and has a main gate.The Great Temple contains several chapels or individual temples, which are (The Flexible Temple), (Shahira Temple), (Samiya Temple), (The Consistent Awain), (The Sun’s Retreat), (Trinity Temple), (The Saqaya Temple) and (The Temple of Al-Lat).

The architectural design of the city of Hatra is a mixture of different architectural styles: Roman, Assyrian and Hellenistic. It is one of the historical monuments that still exist today on the land of Mesopotamia, a distinctive architectural masterpiece, adorning the desert of Iraq, it is the wonderful city of Hatra.

However, it is difficult to enter the temple due to security measures at the moment.

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