Khan Annikhaila or Khan al-Rub'u

Khan Annikhaila or Khan al-Rub’u

Khan al-Rub’ was built during the Ottoman era in 1793 AD, and it is considered one of the important heritage and tourist sites in Karbala. Because it tells the story of a period experienced by Iraq and religious cities in particular. Khan al-Rub’ is a square-shaped building with each side 86 m long. It is located at a distance of (20) km from Karbala towards the city of Najaf. It was used as a rest stop for travelers between Basra and the Levant. The Khan was used by the former regime as a barracks and arsenal for storing materiel, during the 1990 Gulf War. One of the amazing monuments in Karbala, the architectural style is based on Islamic architecture. Brick and plaster were used in its construction. Above the main entrance is a large dome containing splendid decorative elements. The khan al-Rub’ contains iwans and pointed arches of exquisite Islamic style. In addition to the amazing group of domes in the ceiling of the uwans, they are decorated with exquisite stone ornaments. There is a wall with a height of (2) meters, surrounding the place, and the Khan al-Rab` contains four conical towers located in its four corners.

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