Lalish Yazidi Temple

Lalish Yazidi Temple

The Lalish Temple is located in the district of Sheikhan, a mountainous area located in the west of the city of Mosul, about 60 km from the city center of Mosul, and 50 km from the city of Dohuk.

Lalash is the only temple of the Yazidi religion in the world, and the tomb of Sheikh Adi bin Musafir, which is sacred to the followers of this religion, is located in it.

The Yazidis revere the natural phenomena of the sun, moon, fire, earth, water and others as manifestations of the Creator.

Lalish Temple is the seat of the spiritual council of the Yazidi religion. When entering, you must take off your shoes, and women must cover their hair.

Yezidis are keen to ask for wishes from the “Wishing Stone” It is a black stone found inside the Temple. And when the Yazidi wants to make a wish, he goes to this stone with a pure intention, closes his eyes, and then throws a piece of cloth on the stone And he has the right to throw three times and make a wish. If the piece of cloth rests on the stone, he is said to be the owner of a share, and his wish may be fulfilled.

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