Mar Matti Monastery, Mosul

Mar Matti Monastery, Mosul

Mar Matti Monastery is an archaeological monastery located at the top of Mount Al-Falaf or Maqlub overlooking the plains, valleys and hills surrounding Mosul, about 39 km northeast of Mosul, and about 94 km away from Dohuk.

Mar Matti Monastery, one of the most famous monasteries in Iraq.

A secluded place overlooking a wonderful view and is one of the tourist attractions in northern Iraq.

It was founded by Mar Matti the Syrian in the fourth century AD with the assistance of the Assyrian King Sennacherib.

The monastery consists of two churches, the first known by the name of Saint “Mar Matta” and the other by the name of the Church of the Virgin Mary.

It includes silos for the residence of monks and contains rocky rooms symbolizing ancient civilizations.

The monastery also keeps copies of precious manuscripts, some of them carved on wooden panels.

Mar Matta monastery is considered one of the most beautiful religious and tourist places in Iraq. It is visited by many tourists from inside and outside Iraq.

The monastery includes places for overnight visitors, free of charge. Very safe place.

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