Mutanbi Street

Mutanabi Street

Al-Mutanabbi Street is located in the center of the city of Baghdad between Al-Maidan Square and Al-Rasheed Street. It is one of the oldest streets in the Middle East, as it is nearly nine centuries old.
The history of the street dates back to the Abbasid era. Al-Mutanabbi Street, the book market in Baghdad, is one of the longest book markets in the world.

It houses a large number of bookshops, publishing houses, printing presses, and stationery stores, in addition to popular coffee shops. One of the most important tourist places in Baghdad, visited by a large number of local residents as well as foreign tourists, especially after the improvement in security in Iraq.

Shabandar Café

Shabandar Café is one of the most famous old cafés in Baghdad. Shabandar Café is located on Al-Mutanabbi Street. It is considered one of the important cultural monuments in Iraq.You can sit in the café and try the special Iraqi tea, drink (Al-Hamid) or try shisha.

Visit the Cultural Center on Al Mutanabbi Street The cultural center contains multiple halls dedicated to cultural seminars, poetry recitation and various art exhibitions, all of these events take place every Friday morning.

Al Qishla Building You can also visit the Qishla building, which was the old seat of the government, and includes a number of government buildings, its construction dates back to the 19th century AD, when Baghdad was under the occupation of the Ottoman Empire.

The best popular restaurants near Al Mutanabbi Street:

. Kubbet Al Saray Restaurant: Opposite Al. Shabandar Café.

. (Al-Abra) Restaurant: It is located at the beginning of Al-Mutanabbi Street.

. Umm Kulthum Restaurant: It is also located at the beginning of Al-Mutanabbi Street.

The best time to visit Al Mutanabbi Street is on Friday of every week. After completing your tour of Al-Mutanabbi Street, you can visit:

. Baghdadi Museum

. Al-Madrasah Al-Mustansiriya

. Al-Saffarin Market: It is a market dedicated to the sale of copper works.

. Hassan Ajami Cafe

. Haj Zabbalah Store: It is a shop that sells juice.

. Al Zahawi Café

. Khan Al Mudallal: It is a large market dedicated to the sale of antiques.

. Abbasid Palace

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