Nasiriyah Museum

Nasiriyah Museum

It is considered one of the most important museums in Iraq because of its important artifacts. Nasiriyah Museum was established in 1969.

The museum is visited by a large number of local residents, in addition to tourist groups visiting Iraq.

The museum consists of two floors and multiple halls.

The first hall: a hall dedicated to prehistoric times that includes the antiquities of the Ubaid era and the remains of the first settlements in Mesopotamia.

The second hall: dedicated to the era of the dawn of the dynasties (6000 years) BC. Sumerian Hall: It includes artifacts dating back to the era of the formation of the Sumerian state, such as the statue of King Urnammu.

The Babylonian hall includes antiquities dating back to the various Babylonian eras.

The Assyrian Hall includes various artifacts, including a winged bull.

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