Qaysari Bazaar Erbil

Qaysari Bazaar Erbil Kurdistan iraq tourism

Al-Qaysaria market is one of the most important landmarks of the city of Erbil in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, despite the huge urban development that the city is witnessing, as the market still attracts thousands of visitors from all over Iraq.

The Qaysari market is located opposite the Erbil Citadel. Its construction dates back to the reign of the Abbasid Sultan Muzaffar al-Din Kawkbari in the Abbasid era. The current building dates back to the Ottoman period.

A visit to the Qaysari market is considered the best experience for a tourist that a tourist can enjoy. The market includes ten parts, including a market, gold and jewellery, a market for Kurdish clothes and fabrics, handicrafts and antiques, and a market for Kurdish popular sweets such as sausage stuffed with figs and flavored with orange or honey, in addition to nuts.

The Qaysari Bazaar in Erbil has a wonderful architectural design, where the domes, arches and narrow and wide lanes all reflect an ancient Ottoman architectural style that preserved its architecture. Al-Qaysaria market is considered one of the most lively markets, as it is visited by tourists from various Iraqi cities, as well as foreign tourists.

As for the area surrounding this market, it contains restaurants, popular cafes, hotels and various shops that meet the majority of the demands of customers from the city’s residents and its guests from tourists.

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