Shaqlawa Tourism in Erbil

Shaqlawa Erbil, Kurdistan Iraq tourism

Shaqlawa is located northeast of Erbil, about 50 km away.

It is bordered to the east and north by the Sauron Mountains, and from the west and south by the Safin Mountains.The city of Shaqlawa is a tourist par excellence, where there are many forests, orchards and springs, Its people are good and a large segment of them live on tourism revenues.

Shaqlawa’s climate varies according to the seasons. In the winter, heavy rain and snow fall, and in the spring, the city appears in its full beauty and the green color is dominant over the mountains, valleys, hills and plains.The temperature in it during the summer is between (30 to 35) degrees Celsius, and it is considered moderate compared to the rest of Iraq.The main market in Shaqlawa extends for more than a kilometer. Many local products are sold in Shaqlawa market, such as fresh and dried fruits, honey and sweets that characterize the city.It also has shops dedicated to selling beautiful Kurdish clothes. Where Shaqlawa Resort is typical in terms of the availability of tourist and service facilities, and perhaps it is the ideal tourist city at the level of Iraq. There are many restaurants, hotels, casinos, motels and resorts.

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