Basra Shanasheel


It is one of the most important places that tourists visit in Basra. The Shanasheel houses are located on both banks of the Al-Ashar River in the Nazran area in Old Basra. These houses were built by the wealthy of Basra during the Ottoman era. They were known as the “Venice of the East.” The Shanasheel houses are distinguished by their durability and beauty. The house consists of two floors and has wooden balconies. With pieces of colored glass, a mixture of Arab, Indian and Persian architectural styles. It is designed in a great engineering way because it allows air to circulate into the house.

The most important tourist attractions that can be visited

. Al-Hassoun Museum The museum includes a large collection of wonderful archaeological artifacts that represent the heritage of the city of Basra and Iraq. It also includes a wonderful restaurant that serves delicious Iraqi food.

. Former Greek Embassy, ​​Basra Antiquities Inspectorate Building.

. Iraqi Plastic Artists Association in Basra

. Palace of Culture and Arts

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