Shrine of Imam Al-Kadhim

Shrine of Imam Al-Kadhim

The tomb of Imam al-Kadhim and the tomb of his grandson Imam al-Jawad, the seventh and ninth imams of Shiite Muslims. The shrine is located in the Kadhimiya district, an area located in the north of Baghdad on the western bank of the Tigris River. The construction of the shrine dates back to before the Buyid era, but it was reconstructed by the Buyids, the Seljuks, and the Jalayrah.The area of ​​the Imam al-Kadhim shrine is 14,514 square meters. The length is 123 meters and the width is 115 meters. It consists of the courtyard, the mausoleum, domes and lighthouses.

The holy shrine has two domes of equal dimensions, the domes are covered with nine thousand blocks of pure gold, and four golden minarets, their height reaches 35 m.

The outer wall of the courtyard of the shrine is thick and huge, with a height of 10 m. It is decorated on the outside with the brushed brick engraved with Quranic verses and wonderful Islamic inscriptions.

Behind the wall are two floors of rooms and iwans totaling 62 rooms, 14 of which are on the upper floor and are used for teaching students of knowledge from the Shiite sect. A wonderful Islamic architectural masterpiece worth a visit.

As with almost all mosques and shrines in Iraq, non-Muslims are allowed to enter the shrine of Imam al-Kadhim in Baghdad. The best time to visit is when dusk falls. Women must wear the chador inside the shrine. You can buy chador and socks from the market. The price of the chador is 5000 Iraqi dinars.

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