Souk anajf

Souk Najaf

The Grand Bazaar is one of the most famous markets in the city of Najaf in Iraq, located in the heart of the old city of Najaf in front of the shrine of Imam Ali.

One of the main tourist attractions that are recommended to visit in Najaf, this market is approximately 550 meters long, and has a beautiful architectural style that is a mixture of ancient and contemporary.
It is visited by many tourists from different countries to enjoy watching different goods and unique beauty.

The market consists of several side markets, including the jewelry market, located on the left side. It includes shops specialized in selling jewelry and the manufacture of silver, gold and precious stones. The market also includes shops selling herbs, spices, clothing, leather, fabrics and many other various commodities.

There is a market dedicated to selling sweets, where sweets called (Al-Dahin), which are delicious sweets, are sold in the city of Najaf.

There is also a specialized market for exchange and buying and selling currencies, so the Najaf Grand Bazaar is considered an economic backbone of the city, attracting thousands of Iraqi and foreign visitors.

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