The shrine of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Kilani

The shrine of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Kilani

The mausoleum and mosque of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Kilani is located in the center of Baghdad, near Al-Khilani Square. His name is Abu Muhammad Abd al-Qadir ibn Musa ibn Abd Allah, 1077-1166 AD, one of the jurists of the Hanbali school, nicknamed “Baz Allah al-Ashhab” and “Qutb of Baghdad.”Founder of the Qadiri Sufi Order.

The shrine of Abdul Qadir al-Kilani in Baghdad, is one of the most important centers of Sufism in Iraq and the world. Visitors flock to it from Iraq, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Morocco and many countries of the world,

One of the most important religious and tourist attractions in the city of Baghdad. One of the most beautiful shrines in Iraq, a wonderful architectural masterpiece. The area of ​​the shrine is about (40,000) square meters. It is built of bricks and covered with stone. It contains the tomb of Sheikh Abdul Qadir Al-Kilani, a mosque and a school.And a library called the Qadiriyah Library, which includes more than ten thousand manuscripts dating back to the Abbasid era and the Ottoman era, including some that go back to the beginnings of the founding of the Iraqi state.

The Dome of Hazrat Qadiriya is one of the greatest domes built in Iraq. The dome was built during the era of the Ottoman Empire and by order of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent, who commissioned the engineer Sinan Mimar to build the dome, in 1543. It is a white dome, luxurious, strong, and wide, without internal pillars to support it. It is considered one of the most beautiful domes in Iraq.

The tomb of Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani is an important tourist destination in Iraq, as it receives visitors from all countries of the world and from all sects. It also allows non-Muslims to visit the shrine and roam freely, as you can take memorial photos in this wonderful place.

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