Adams Tree in Basra

Adams Tree in basra

Al-Qurna is a small town located north of the city of Basra, about 74 km away. Al-Qurna is located at the confluence of the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.

In Gourna there is a public garden that contains a large dead tree, known as the Adam’s Tree. According to local legend, this is the tree from which Eve ate in the Garden of Eden.
Some say that Gourna is the actual site of the Garden of Eden.
The locals of the Gouma called it “the ancient tree, the Abraham tree, or the Burham tree.”

Many foreign tourists and orientalists used to visit the site of the tree in the past and listen to the traditional tales that people repeat.
After decades of isolation due to wars and the ensuing waves of violence, some foreign tourists began returning to discover the tourist attractions in Iraq, including the Adam Tree in Basra.

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