Ziggurat of Aqraquf

Ziggurat of Ur

Ziggurat (Aqraquf) is a stepped temple of the Sumerian era, one of the oldest historical monuments in Baghdad, located 25 km west of the capital, Baghdad, and about 16 km from the shrine of Imam al-Kadhim.

Ziggurat (Aqreqof) was built during the Kassite era, by King (Korigalzu) I, to become their capital in the fourteenth century BC, to end its rule after its occupation and the end of the Kassite civilization by the Elamites.

The height of the ziggurat is (52 meters), and it consists of a group of layers – the layers seem to be made of mullet (reed mats) placed in the building between every 8 or 9 spaces of adobe, interspersed with large square holes that penetrate into the ziggurat and aim to get rid of moisture and water. ) includes inside it a number of temples and is surrounded by a wall of bricks estimated at 225 hectares, and the ziggurat (Aqraqouf) was an important commercial center for several centuries; Where commercial convoys passed by, and the site of Ziggurat (Aqraqouf) is considered one of the favorite tourist sites for picnics by Iraqi families. A small museum building was built near it in 1960 and was established to provide services to visitors to the site, but it suffers from neglect at the present time.

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